I really enjoy watching movies, as does my brother and most of my close friends.


I can find something I really like in almost any genre, but my favorite genres are:

  • Animation (especially 3-D CG; check out my CG Corner recommendations)
  • Action
  • Action - Asian (especially Hong Kong-style)
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy (especially with cool creatures)
  • Fantasy - Asian
  • Drama (with compelling characters)
  • Comedy


In general, I am fascinated with visual effects, cool fights, cool creatures, and great characters (as opposed to a complex plot with weak characters).


Some quality movie resources/references:

  • iMDb (movie info): This database probably has more details on past and future movies than any other site.
  • Twitch | | Yahoo! Coming Soon | | Superhero Hype! (movie news): Twitch is the best site for worldwide movie news. They get rumors, production statuses, teasers, and trailers amazingly far out (and before almost any other site).
  • Yahoo! Movies (movie reviews): The user grades given to movies on this site seem to be more representative of the general public than sites like Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Moviefone (movie times): This site from AOL seems to provide the best movie time listings for local theaters.
  • Amazon | | (video releases): I purchase most of my Blu-ray and DVD releases from Amazon, because of their great prices and service.
  • YouTube | Vimeo | Google | Yahoo | hulu (online videos): These free services give you a wide range of access to videos on the internet. YouTube seems to have the biggest variety and selection, so it is the primary source for video links on this site.