Site Design

I originally created this site on my iMac using the excellent RapidWeaver website design application. This software lets me easily change the site design (with customized templates) totally independent of the content. However, I eventually replaced RapidWeaver with various powerful scripts to allow me to further segregate the content and design as well as providing maximum automation for site updating. Here was my process:

Step 1 - Determining my criteria

  1. Content independent of design
  2. Reference content built from video catalog that I maintain
  3. Minimal manual effort to maintain site
  4. Visually appealing and non-cluttered design
  5. Productive navigation design allowing user to explore
  6. Powerful search design allowing user to research
  7. Limited areas of only text (i.e., normally, plenty of images)

Step 2 - Choosing the software

In addition to the various scripting applications (i.e., JavaScript, Python, and AppleScript), here are the third-party tools I chose:

  1. GoodSync: a fast, configurable file sync tool that worked better for me than RapidWeaver to sync site resources.
  2. Fancybox: a cool jQuery plug-in to seamlessly incorporate media (e.g., bigger images, embedded video, etc.) within an lightbox-style overlay on the page.


Site Design