Even though they are normally not at the production quality of a movie, I do enjoy a lot of quality TV series, especially since the great writing and characters frequently make up for their lower budgets.


Even though I will watch anything that has compelling characters, visuals, and/or writing, I do have a preference for TV series that are:

  • Animated (check out my CG Corner recommendations)
  • Comedy (many great ones on TV)
  • Sci-fi/Fantasy


As with animated movies, I do not like animated TV series that only cater to children, and I will normally only watch animated series that have the depth for adults to appreciate equally. There are some cases that are a little questionable (e.g., "Ben 10"), but I may still watch them for good action and visuals.


Some quality TV resources/references:

  • (TV series info): This database has a lot of details on past and future TV series.
  • (free live feeds): This site has many free live feeds which are useful when I am out of the country and looking for a game or show.